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The FA Mini Soccer Referees Conversion Course

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Minimum Age: 14 year old

Price: TBC

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The FA Mini Soccer Referee Conversion Course is specifically for mini soccer referees who are now wanting to referee in the 11 v 11 game.

Upon completion of the course, combined with your Mini Soccer Referee Course, you will be qualified as an 11 v 11 referee. Whether you want to referee in youth and adult leagues, men's or women's football or have aspirations of one day walking the ball out at Wembley Stadium, The FA Mini Soccer Referee Course is the starting point for your refereeing career within the 11 v 11 game, if you are coming from mini soccer.

Refereeing is not only rewarding in a football environment, but the social and life skills that come from becoming a referee extend far beyond your initial expectations.

An introduction to the course, followed by the below topics to provide the referees with the skills, knowledge and attributes to referee 11 v 11 football.
  • Pre match preparation
  • Practical application of different laws (Fouls and Misconduct, Offside etc.)
  • Dealing with misconduct and report writing
  • Acting as an assistant referee
Upon completion of Unit 1, an evaluation is completed to ensure the referee is competent to complete Unit 2.

Officiating five 9 v 9 or 11 v 11 games, where you are offered a referee mentor to support you on your first few games, with a self evaluation of each game.


Call back session where there is the opportunity to share experiences on the five games refereed, what has worked well and what you might do differently in the future. A final Laws of the Game Examination and information on what happens now and what opportunities are available i.e. Promotion, Academies, Development Groups, In-Service Training etc.


Course Pre-requisites


Must have completed an FA Mini Soccer Referee Course.


This course will focus on the following key areas:

  • Understanding the difference between Mini soccer and the 11 a side game
  • Understanding the additional laws of 11 a side football and their practical application
  • Understanding the realities of your role – dealing with practical situations including misconduct

Candidates should feel comfortable to referee a game of 11v11 football at the completion of the course, with 75% of the course being in a practical environment.

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