Man v Fat football

New Year, New You – The Perfect Fitness Resolution with MAN v FAT

Sessions take place every Monday evening at the County Ground
As we start a new year, why not combine your fitness goals with football and socialising by taking part in MAN v FAT Football? 

The perfect way to ‘get lean with your team’, MAN v FAT is for men with a BMI of 27.50 or over. You’ll be placed in a team with guys who want to lose weight too, so they will know exactly what you’re going through, and you’ll be supported every step of the way by your team and coach.

Every Monday evening at the Dorset FA County Ground, from 8.30-10pm, you will find Dan Lloyd (Coach of MAN v FAT Poole).
It’s a chance to meet new people, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie while working on your fitness – so feel free to pop by for a chat. Over 90% of players lose weight and get fitter, why not join them from just £31 per month?


Dan Lloyd, MAN v FAT Coach in Poole, said: "MAN v FAT Football is a game changer! They say 90% of men lose weight… and they do! MVF helped me to shed 30kg, (25% of my body weight), whilst playing the sport I love. Now I have the honour of helping others to do the same! We are all about long term sustainable changes and healthy choices that improve your waist and your health. We at MAN v FAT Poole pride ourselves on our sense of community and camaraderie. We compete and play the beautiful game on possibly one of the finest surfaces in the county. So why not come and join us, there’s nothing to lose except your waistline!"

Here are some pictures from the final session in 2023, including of the guys donating four bags of food to “Waste Not Want Not” in Poole High Street. 

Man v Fat football

Man v Fat football