Women's Rec

Womens Recreational Football Continues to Grow

Women's recreational football is growing fast. 

On Friday, this was plain to see. Fifty players spread over five teams competed in the first Dorset Recreational 7v7 tournament run by Firmitude CIC, in conjunction with the Dorset FA.  Of course, there are many similar events, with local teams mixing with recreational groups. Still, this one was different as it was aimed solely at those not already playing competitive league.  So to get 50 players to turn out for what was a successful pilot was a tremendous achievement.


The goal of the event is simple. It is to get everyone good friendly-competitive playing time while keeping the focus on fun and participation. Initial feedback suggests that we smashed that goal. General comments on the night of "Can't wait for the next one", "I wish it was longer" was fantastic to hear.  Everyone looked to be having a great time, and we now move to plan the next events with the hope of accommodating more players each time.  

Congratulations to Weymouth FC Recreational team for securing the win by holding Longfleet FC to a draw in the final game.  A win by Longfleet would have created a three-way tie at the top, which gives you the notion of the closeness of the competition.


If you are interested in entering a team to the next one, or you are an individual that wants to join in, contact us at football@firmitude.com