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Club Affiliation 2020-21 Season

Dorset County FA Club Affiliation for the 2020-21 Season 

We fully understand that football is not a priority at the present time. However, at the Association, the staff are preparing for next Season so that we are ready to go when grassroots football is released from lockdown.

The Affiliation window will be open from 8 June 2020 and the good news is that Club Affiliation for Dorset Clubs will be free for Season 2020/2021: this includes additional team affiliation and Public Liability Insurance (except for clubs who have contract players and do not fall under the County PL scheme). Other costs including cup entries and Personal Accident Insurance will need to be purchased in the normal way although you will notice a small reduction in the price of UK Global PA Insurance to compensate for the reduction in playing time last Season.

Colin Chainey who leads on the affiliation process will be returning to work on 26 May: he is at present on Furlough so please do not contact him prior to this date.

 I hope that you consider this positive news for your Clubs and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Sue Hough MBE, 

Chief Executive