Mini Soccer and Youth Futsal HB Cover

The FA Launch New Mini Soccer and Youth Futsal Handbook

A reference guide for Coaches, Parents, Players and Volunteers

The FA launch new Mini Soccer & Youth Futsal Handbook

In time for the new 2018-19 season the FA have launched a new Mini Soccer & Youth Futsal Handbook.

Whether you are a coach, volunteer, parent or player the new handbook will act as any easy reference guide for those involved in Mini Soccer and Youth Futsal.

The handbook has been produced for the following reasons:

  • To update the mini soccer laws of the game (they haven’t been updated for 5 seasons) and add in new optional laws that have been approved via the Leagues Pilot Scheme.
  • To encourage Mini-Soccer and Youth Leagues to embed Futsal into their offer.
  • To raise awareness of Futsal and the benefits of Futsal to young players and to educate people on the laws of Futsal.
  • To promote the need to create a player centered environment providing the very best introduction to the game.


Download your copy today.

Mini Soccer Youth Futsal Handbook

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