Debt Recovery

Dorset FA Debt Recovery scheme

Sadly every season players leave clubs without paying their debts.

This leaves some clubs either unable to pay debts to leagues, or to fold owing money. The Dorset FA debt recovery scheme is the clubs’ and leagues’ opportunity to try to recoup money owed by players. All affiliated clubs and leagues may ask us to issue a Sine Die Suspension against individuals that owe them money.

What debts can be recovered?
The FA’s Football Debt Recovery regulations allow Clubs, Competitions or local authorities who are owed £25 or more by a player (except youth players), coach, manager, club official or club member to submit a Notice of Claim to their County FA to recover the debt.
Examples of valid debts under the FDR regulations are:

- Disciplinary fines and costs
- Match fees and costs
- Club subscriptions
- Playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire)

A Notice of Claim must be submitted within 112 days of the debt arising, or it will be deemed void. An administration fee of £25 per claim must be paid at the time of submission – this admin fee is then added to the amount to be recovered.
Incidental costs such as kit or equipment, end of season trip costs or fund raising activities cannot be claimed under these regulations. In the event of any dispute over whether a debt is valid or not, Dorset FA have the discretion to decide on the matter.

Reasonable Steps

To begin with, the Club/Competition/local authority must take reasonable steps to recover the debt. This must include sending a written and dated request for payment to the individual(s) or club who owe the debt, and should also include not allowing a player to take part in training/matches.
If the debt has not been recovered within 28 days of the written request, a Notice of Claim can be submitted to Dorset FA.

Notice of Claim

Once a Notice of Claim form has been submitted, including the individual’s name, address, date of birth, details of the debt (inc. a copy of the written request) and £25 admin fee, Dorset FA will verify whether the debt is valid or not, and sent notification to the creditor and debtor within 21 days.
If a claim is upheld (or partially upheld) by Dorset FA, the debtor must pay the debt directly to the creditor within 21 days. Failure to do so will result in the debtor being immediately suspended from all footballing activities until the debt has been paid in full, and Dorset FA have notified the debtor that the suspension has been lifted.


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