Club Accounts

Income and expenditure on Club accounts

All clubs must produce a Receipts and Payments Statement made up to 31 May of the previous calendar year or to 31 December of the previous calendar year.

However, if the club is now in financial difficulty, such information must accompany the Receipts and Payments Statement. This Statement must accompany the Annual Affiliation Forms and a club will not be permitted to affiliate without this submission.

Clubs in Step 7 and above
In addition to the above, each Club must provide Administration Records – ie Minutes of the previous AGM and all Committee Meetings to 31 March in the current calendar year and confirm in respect of financial matters that:

A A separate bank account(s) is open in the name of the Football Club and is used for all transactions Each account must require at least two signatories.
B All limited companies must submit the Accounts that have previously been approved by the Board of Directors, in the format seen by the Board of Directors.
C All other clubs (in Step 7 and above) must submit  as seen and independently checked. These accounts must include the verifiers full name, date and date of

This information must accompany the Annual Affiliation Form and clubs in Step 7 and above will not be permitted to affiliate without the above information.      


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