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Rules and Regulations

Dorset FA Rules and Regulations

Want to know the correct pitch dimensions for U11s?

Need International Clearance for your new signing?

Read our key guidance below for more information on the following areas; Sine Die Suspensions, Sponsorship Sanctioning, FA Pitch & Goalpost Dimensions. International Clearance and Playing Against Foreign Opposition.

Whether you’ve just started out as a club administrator or you’ve been part of the game for longer than you can remember, we’re here to guide you through the rules and regulations that may come up in the course of running your club.



A player is placed under Sine Die suspension when they owe money to either the Dorset FA or to a League or Club that has used the Debt Recovery Scheme.

Before signing a player it is essential that you check to ensure that they are not under any form of suspension. A player under Sine Die suspension is prevented from taking part in any form of football activity.

Any player under Sine Die suspension can have their suspension lifted immediately on payment of the outstanding debt.

Fair play on & off the pitch

Rules and Regulations

FA Rules and Regulations ensure fair play in the grassroots game, both on and off the pitch. Find information about the following areas here.

  • Laws of the Game
  • Discipline
  • Safeguarding & Welfare
  • Inclusion

FA pitch & goalpost dimensions

Have you ever wondered what the pitch and goalpost sizes recommendations are for specific age groups in football. 

Download the handy FA guide below for information on the following formats:

  • Mini Soccer (5v5 & 7v7)
  • 9v9 Football
  • Youth Football
  • Adult Football
  • Football Pyramid (Steps 1-7)