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Level 1 in coaching football

Course Testimonials

“What a brilliant course! Had loads of fun and met some great people. The course content was extremely eye-opening as to different ways of coaching my team and the amount of support available. Thanks for putting up with us and see you on Level 2 hopefully!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for running the level 1 course this month and making it safe, fun and engaging. Pete and I were talking today about how much we have enjoyed the sessions with you; how much we have learnt about how to teach football and how to ensure all are involved and enjoying the game. I must say that hadn't considered level 2 at all before this course and you have made me feel like progressing forwards, so thank you for that too.”

“I really enjoyed the Level 1 course. It was a significant time commitment, but worth every minute of it. I'm really looking forward to sitting my Level 2 as soon as possible!”

“After pondering for many years to start my FA badges after playing for many years I decided to take my level 1. It was a privilege to be on a course with such a diverse group but with an FA coach that delivered the content of what the FA is trying to do in such simple and motivating terms, it made the whole group excited and enthused to complete this first stage. I must say after being coached for many years as a professional and semi pro I feel the new approach for the kids coming through we will definitely see the rewards over the coming years. Main messages I took, Keep it simple, fun, let them make mistakes, ask open questions, keep it game related, and of course safety & well-being.”

“Course was great fun. Really enjoyed how practical it was. It’s helped me to remember that the most important thing is that my team are having fun while they learn and has given me some great ideas of how to do that.”

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FA Level 2 in coaching football

This nationally recognised qualification will take the learner on a journey through the core components of the England DNA

Completing the Level 1 Coaching Course has given me the insight and confidence needed to progress my U11’s further in their development. It has provided me with all the tools and knowledge needed to ensure that each coaching session is tailored and scheduled to maximise development. 
- Julian

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