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Customer Service Excellence


Introduction From The CEO 

At Dorset County FA we are committed to a reliable, responsive service that has your best interests – and those of the game – at heart. We have therefore consulted with customers, stakeholders and our own staff and volunteers to better understand what matters most to you, how well we are doing and where we need to improve. 

You’ve told us how important it is for us to become your local ‘hub’ for all things ‘football’. A centre of knowledge, learning and guidance that helps raise standards and grow the game. You want us to listen closely to you and to remove any obstacles that prevent you from enjoying the game. You want us to live the values that come with being custodians of the game, to lead in the right way, with the best interests of the game at heart. 

In response to this we have used your feedback to develop the Dorset County FA Customer Charter. This Customer Charter sets out the standards of service and quality of experience you should expect from us. It covers all of the areas that we know are most important to you, from keeping you informed and dealing with your enquiries to resolving technical issues or putting things right when mistakes have been made - and if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, the Customer Charter explains clearly what we will do to resolve the problem. 

We will monitor these commitments by consulting with customers and stakeholders, we will commit to publishing our performance regularly and we will use your feedback to review and improve the Customer Charter year on year.

These promises set out a clear commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs of everyone involved in the game at every level. They will help us remove obstacles, build on strengths and contribute to driving up interest and participation in our National Game.” 

Roger Vaughan, CEO, (Dorset County FA) 


We want to put you in control by making sure that it is easy for you to work with us. Whether you have an urgent enquiry, a need for information, a technical query or a problem, the process of interacting with the County FA should be as easy as possible. Whatever your needs or personal requirements, we’ll keep our promise to see things through. 

We will use your feedback to ensure that our programmes, workshops and other services are deployed in ways that make it easy for you and that maximise participation as a consequence. 

You can telephone our office between the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. If you need to contact us outside of these hours then you will be able to email us at support@dorsetfa.com or telephone 01202 682375 where you will be able to leave a message. We will continue to work on finding better ways to allow you access to County FA expertise outside of usual working hours. 

We will answer telephone calls as quickly as possible. If the specific colleague you wish to speak to is not available, you will always be able to leave a message, speak to another available colleague or expect a call back within 24 working hours. 

You can make a pre-arranged appointment to meet with any specific members of our team. All staff details are available on our website. http://www.dorsetfa.com/about/board-and-staff

If you email us, you should expect a response within 24 working hours. Where the enquiry is related to either Discipline or Safeguarding the response time may vary in order to allow the regulatory process to be carried out pending investigations. If the person you are emailing is unavailable, you should expect an automated ‘out of office’ reply together with a number to call if your enquiry is urgent. Due to the nature of our work some members of staff may be away from their desks / email for several days at a time. In such circumstances, customers will receive an automated response to emails advising them who to contact if the matter is urgent. 

The County FA has the following social media accounts:

Facebook     https://en-gb.facebook.com/DorsetFA/

Twitter          https://twitter.com/DorsetCFA


The majority of people working to develop and administer grass roots football give their time voluntarily, so the best way we can match this passion and commitment is by demonstrating that we have your best interests – and those of the game – at heart at all times. 
We therefore commit to recruiting, training, supporting, coaching and developing colleagues who excel at customer service, embedding a service culture in all of our operations. 
• We will listen carefully to you and ensure we fully understand your needs. 
• We will always be polite and helpful. 
• We will always act with integrity. 
• We will always treat you with respect. 
• We will always be open and transparent. 

We will strive to provide the best possible service to all of our customers and stakeholders, irrespective of their gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion or belief, marital status and /or social class. 
All of the talents and resources of the County FA will be fully utilised to maximise the levels of service offered.


It’s only when things go wrong, that our true commitment to customer service is exposed, so if you have a problem you must be able to count on your County FA. 

We therefore make the following promises.

We will make it easy for you to contact us with comments and improvement suggestions. Simply email support@dorsetfa.com or telephone 01202 682375 where your comments will be acknowledged. We may contact you to find out more. 

If you have a complaint, please telephone us in the first instance on 01202 682375 or email support@dorsetfa.com and we will do whatever we can to resolve the problem. 

If you prefer to write to us please address your letter to: 
Dorset County Football Association 
Blandford Close
BH15 4BF 

If you could explain why you are unhappy and enclose all of your contact details. We will then provide a full response within 7 working days. 

If the matter requires more time to resolve then we will acknowledge your letter within 48 hours, clearly explain why the process may take longer and tell you when to expect a full response. 

In order to provide the best possible service, to better understand your needs and to speed up problem resolution, we encourage the resolution of complaints by email. Rest assured, however, that we take every complaint seriously and will endeavour to learn from our mistakes and use the experience to improve service for everyone.

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