A Respectful Reminder

I am sure we have all been known to forget ourselves whilst standing on the touchlines of our local football matches. Engrossed in the moment… we could say the wrong thing.

There is never an excuse however, to swear in front of children, or to abuse the referee. As adults; spectators and coaches, it is up to us to lead by example, to show the next generation the correct way to do things.

One of our local clubs has gone above and beyond to ensure incidents like this it do not happen at their games.
Blandford United Youth do not hide their allegiance to the Respect campaign. All home and visiting spectators and coaches are reminded as they arrive at the venue and as they watch the games. A series of Respect boards have been strategically placed around the pitches with an explanation to the high expectations of the club.
“We had some bad language on the side of the pitch and we wanted to do something about it. The boards remind everyone what behaviour we expect. It has made a real difference; it has helped cut out the swearing.”

The Dorset FA commends Blandford United Youth and its stance on Respect.

For more information on the Respect boards please visit

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