Youth Council

Dorset County FA have introduced a Youth Council this season to serve as the voice of young people and give a platform to all aspiring young volunteers to develop grassroots football.

The Youth Council is run by young people for young people; with a specific focus on supporting the Football Futures programme the members are offered the opportunity to make a difference in Dorset football. The Youth Council aims to act as a platform for young people to make a difference in football and support with the development and implementation of the National Game Strategy. 

The Youth Council is made up of 10 individuals aged 16-24. Meetings take place on a monthly basis with discussions varied and diverse focusing on a number of key themes in grassroots football.

The members of the Youth Council for the 2016-2017 season are as follows:


 Chairperson Matthew Underwood
Head of Inclusion Eloise Cruickshank
Head of Coaching Tom Filkins
Events Project Officer Emily Dancer
Events Project Officer Panashe Tauringana
Head of Volunteering Sean Hill
Head of Media Stuart Moore
Project Officer Oli Powell
Project Officer Lucy Cuff
Project Officer Andrew Sill
Project Officer Jack Swann

Youth Council members hold their position for the duration of the season. At the culmination of the 2016-2017 season, individuals will be able to apply to join the Youth Council and support members to make a difference.

For regular updates on the Youth Council and the work they undertake follow them on Twitter via: @dcfayouth.

For more information about the Youth Council then please feel free to contact Rosie Eggleston on 01202 688273, alternatively e-mail

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