Safeguarding Dorset FA

Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility.

Creating a fun, safe and enjoyable football environment is central to safeguarding children.

Most children and young people have a fantastic experience through football- but sadly, some don’t. This might be down to a whole host of different reasons; over competitive parents and coaches shouting criticism, cyber bullying, or some kind of abusive behaviour towards them.

Safeguarding Children is everyone's responsibility and having welfare officers in all clubs and leagues with youth clubs is crucial to the FA's simple three step approach to safeguarding. This includes:

  1. Getting the right people involved- seeking references and CRC checks.
  2. Creating safe environment- codes of conduct, education and best practice.

  3. Promoting clear systems- to deal with any concerns- policy and procedures.

We have a strong designated volunteer Welfare Officer workforce who promote and oversee best practice in Safeguarding Children. All Clubs with youth sections and youth leagues are requited by the FA to have an appointed Club or Youth League Welfare Officer. The Club and Youth League Officers are in place to improve practices at the Club and be the first point of contact for any concerns relating to children or vulnerable adults.

For further information please contact Dorset County FA by emailing  or by calling 01202 682375 and ask to speak to the Safeguarding Lead.

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