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Dorset Referees Academy 2011-12
Dorset Referees Academy 2011-12
Dorset Referees Academy 2011-12
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The Dorset FA Youth Academy was formed to offer expert coaching to those young officials who have demonstrated a clear intention to progress through the Referee pathway and to reach the higher levels in the game.

The Referees all have the opportunity to receive individual development advice which is fed back to them by a number of county Referee coaches, they also attend several meetings throughout the season when topical refereeing subjects and incidents are discussed, and DVD incidents from the professional game are also debated.

The group also has the same opportunities as the Supply League Academy, and they are encouraged to watch matches involving senior county officials, so as to enhance their own personal performances.

The group of young Referees has also changed significantly over recent seasons, with many members of the existing Youth Academy moving up to the Supply League group, and being replaced by an increasingly talented group of new Referees anxious to match the successes of their older colleagues. At the end of the 2011-2012 season two original members of the Youth Academy were promoted to level three and are now just one promotion away from their Football League dream.

Most of the matches covered by members of the Youth Academy are in the Dorset Girls League, Dorset Youth League and at the County Development Centre matches; they also receive regular coaching appraisals from their weekend matches, where they are encouraged to develop their skills in player management and in the handling of the team’s coaches.

Both of the major finals weekends in the youth and girls county cup finals are officiated by the Academy referees, and these are now traditionally controlled to a very high standard.

From the Academy group there have been several prestigious appointments to Youth tournaments throughout the world. The following list of competitions demonstrates that the Dorset Youth Academy has produced and will continue to develop very capable young officials.

The Denmark Cup 2009
The Dallas Cup 2009 & 2010
The Umbro International Cup 2010
The FA Premier League U11 Tournament 2012

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