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Dorset Referee giving a decision
Dorset Referee giving a decision
Dorset Referee giving a decision
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DCFA are pleased to announce that their Supply League Academy is now fully up and running, it has be designed so as to be tailored to suit the needs of the Dorset officials who currently serve on the supply league system, and it has been be headed up by Chris Powell.

The DCFA has been fortunate to secure the services of Chris who has brought his many years experience at the professional level of the game to enhance the performances of the Dorset Referees.

After several efforts to organise county in service training events for the Senior County Referees the final formulae seems to hit all the needs of the Dorset supply league officials, with the necessary support from the Academy coaches, who are always close by to offer individual development advice.

The group regularly put on fitness sessions and there are other splinter groups training in other areas of the county. These sessions take place weekly, and are aimed at maintaining fitness and match sharpness; they also change slightly during the close season to take into account the necessary preparation to be able to pass the seasonal fitness tests.

Each member of this group is also encouraged to discuss their own personal assessments with the coaches and the RDO, to identify any continual development areas that they fail to understand or address.

 More importantly are the regular in service training events, which enable the entire group both Referees and Assistant Referees to discuss issues and experiences from their previous months matches, they are also able to attend match day experiences, where they are able to watch the first half of a match where the Referee will be at a level above the level that they are currently operating at.

The second period of the match is then designed so that the watching officials are able to consider the refereeing styles they have witnessed, and to take some of positive developmental advice to put into practise in their own matches.

During the 2011 – 2012 season the Academy produced its first two new level three Referees, who will operate at Contributory League level next season, whilst the county nominated four possible level four Referees all of which were accepted by the Football Association.

The newly promoted Supply League Referees will continue to be supported by the DCFA Academy, whilst the level three Referees have been offered roles within the Youth Academy system as coaches, and have already accepted these positions, their experiences should prove invaluable to the youth academy members as they seriously begin their refereeing careers.

The Supply League Academy meeting dates for season 2012 – 2013

September 20 – 2012
October 18 - 2012
February 21 - 2012
March – TBA
Match Day Experience – TBA

Entry into the DCFA Supply League Academy is by invitation and the meeting of the criteria.

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