Football v Homophobia

Football is for Everyone.

Anything which stops people participating and enjoying the national game of football has to be tackled and eradicated.

That is the commitment of The FA, as football’s governing body in this country. A key part of The FA's role on behalf of the game is to lead positive change – particularly in this, The FA's 150th year.

One of the areas to be constantly fought is discrimination in whatever form against any group of people or section of our multi-faceted society. Much work has been done in the area of anti-racism, attitudes have been changed and it is now accepted that any form of racism is simply wrong. More than that, it is illegal.

Now, The FA wants to focus its attention on the issue of homophobia and transphobia in football. The game we all love is for everyone – and that includes Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Trans people (LGB&T).

That is why we are putting our full support behind the ‘Football v Homophobia’ campaign. With the expertise of the Football v Homophobia team, this tool kit has been compiled and we are using the months of February and March to focus on the issue, bring the debate to the fore and, just like the anti-racism campaigns, ensure everyone understands homophobia and transphobia in football is unacceptable. And, once more, illegal.

In keeping with the 150th anniversary of The FA, our goal is to enlist at least 150 clubs to actively support ‘Football v Homophobia’. For more information on the work going on please visit

Many thanks in advance for any support you can provide. It is much appreciated and helps us all bring the great game of football and all its benefits into every part of the communities we serve.

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