FA Skills Programme

In June 2007 The Football Association launched The FA Skills Programme. The original three-year programme, co-ordinated by The Football Association and funded by Tesco and SportEngland has now worked with over 4 million children across the Country. The Programme has been such a success across the Country that it has been rolled out for an extra 4 years until June 2014.

The team of 90 specialist Skills Coaches have now been increased to 106 to deliver the Programme in a further 4 counties.  The focus will continue to be on raising technical standards at the 5-11 age groups; an age group where children have a ‘thirst for learning’ and when ball skills and fundamental movements are ingrained.

The FA Skills Programme is committed to help young players to be the best they can be whilst getting more enjoyment from our national game. The Programme encourages more active and healthy lifestyles and in the long term to produce more top-quality players to improve the future of football in England.

The four full-time Skills Coaches in Dorset will continue to lead the Programme in the County via age-specific coaching in schools, Charter Standard clubs, Free Holiday Sessions and FA Skills Centres.  Youngsters will constantly be inspired to take part, have fun and maximise their ability whatever level they are at.

To get involved in any of the various strands of the FA Skills Team’s delivery click on the links below:

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Free Holiday Sessions
Schools Delivery


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