Our Educational Courses provide a great opportunity for coaches to progress their knowledge, understanding and expertise in football, no matter what level they are coaching at.

Throughout November and December 2013 we asked our customers and stakeholders for their thoughts on Coach Education within the County. This has aided us in scheduling our 2014 Course Planner and also given us insight into what coaches want. We would like to thank all of you, who undertook the survey - we greatly appreciate it. To view the Survey Results Click Here.

There are separate areas in which coaches can undertake courses to progress their knowledge and skills as a coach. These include:

The Core Coaching Qualifications. This covers the Level One Award and Level Two Coaching Certificate, which run regularly throughout Dorset. To find out more about the Core Coaching Qualifications follow the subsequent links:

The UEFA B License is run on a national scale. To find out more about National Courses or to view the coaching pathways please Click Here.

The Youth Coaching Qualifications. These courses specialise in the coaching of young/youth players. In the County this comprises of the Youth Award - Modules 1 and 2 Courses. To find out more about The Youth Coaching Qualifications follow the subsequent links:

The Additional Coaching Qualifications. These are courses which focus on separate areas of football, such as coaching Futsal, coaching Disabled Footballers and the Junior Football Leaders’s course. To find out more about the Additional Coaching Qualifications follow the subsequent links:

Other Courses. These may include Emergency Aid, Safeguarding Children or Welfare Officers workshops.  A certain number of qualified individuals will be required in clubs to acquire Charter Standard Status..

If you would like any more information about the courses or would like advice on how to progress further as a coach please contact Jemma Tewkesbury via email: Jemma.Tewkesbury@dorsetfa.com  or phone: 01202 688273

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